Christopher Donahue’s Portfolio

Digital & Traditional Marketing • Creative Direction • Graphic/Web Design & Development • Public/Media Relations • Event Planning • Marketing Analytics


Are you searching for a professional with Creative Direction, Marketing and/or Public Relations Experience?

Look no further! With my many years of success and expertise in creative direction, marketing, and public relations, I have proven success in strategic planning, developing and implementing strategies for start-up companies, mid-size, and high growth organizations.

The diverse experience I offer spans over many verticals in leading industries, which has allowed me to expand my skill set in digital and traditional marketing, creative direction, public relations, mass media, graphic and web design, and event planning. In our current age of technology, these areas of specialty are continually progressing.  To keep up with the newest advancements, I make it a high priority to continually research and educate myself on the newest trends and developments.

My optimistic and outgoing personality and the desire to succeed, paired with my exceptional collaborative abilities, make me a valuable asset to any organization. These traits have provided a foundation to achieve the greatest success with projects.  My unique combined approach, has proven success in setting up clients to be industry disrupters.

It’s my pleasure to introduce myself, I truly hope you enjoy exploring my portfolio.

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